Shyla Stylez

Shyla Stylez


Biography: How did a small-town girl from Canada get into the skin biz? �Well, men have always liked looking at my body,� Shyla remarks, �and I love showing it off. I thought, Why not let everyone see what I have? People have always told me I have a lot of sex appeal. So I flew to Los Angeles and did my first HUSTLER spread. Do you think the readers will like it?� Let�s ask them. Whaddaya think, guys? Shyla is also not shy about discussing her no-holes-barred porn career, which got off to a thunderous start in 2001 with Gangbang Auditions #8. �I took a little break,� the knockout reveals, �but now I�m back shooting films as we speak. I just did a great D.P. scene.� When not seductively stripping down for the camera, Shyla hunkers down on the farm in scenic British Columbia. �I love to read and watch movies at home,� she says. �That doesn�t mean I�m boring. I also love to go bungee-jumping. I�ve done it two times now. All that bouncing up and down gets me wet through my Wranglers. I also like to cook. I�m a master at baking a turkey, and my cheesecakes are to die for.� Before we can ask what fruity toppings adorn her cheesecakes, Shyla exclaims, �Plus, I love to fuck! I�m a very open and dirty girl. I love anything that is erotic and going to take it to the next level. I dig oral, and I love to get banged by a guy in the missionary position while a woman has her pussy in my face.� What does this sweet little missy want to do down the line? �I wouldn�t mind making a living as a musician and a nude model,� Shyla hints. �Maybe I could combine both and be the first naked country star. Like Johnny Cash�only blond and with nice DD boobies!�

Hair Color: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye Color: Green

Height: 63

Weight: 108 lbs

Measurements: 36DD lbs

Videos: 3

Photosets: 0

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