Tori Black

Tori Black


Biography: Statistics: Hair:Brown, Eyes: Brown Height: 5'9'' Biography: Birthplace: Bainbridge Island, Washington Age: 18 Birth Sign: Virgo What do you look for in the opposite sex? An honest guy, I’ve been in too many crappy relationships and just want to find a good one. You know what I’m saying! Best Date: I don’t really like dates. If he wants to do a good bar-b-que and then fuck me rotten, then I’m game. Ambitions: I think I can be the biggest thing that the adult world has ever seen. No disrespect to Jenna. She’s an icon, but she’s going to retire soon. I’m young, eager, and hungry. I think with the right people behind me, I can really make it big. I’m ready to do whatever sucking and fucking it takes to become the most famous porn star ever. Best Place to Fuck: I would say the bedroom. It’s where I do my best work! Best Sex: Taking it slow and building up to things. Guys usually try to take too fast and rush into the penetration. For a girl, this is a let-down. Getting it on for two minutes is not good, but doing it for twenty is great! So when they guy takes his time and winds me up, that’s the best. Favorite Position: When I’m on all fours with him banging from behind. I get off so hard to that. Questions & Answers: HUSTLER: Why HUSTLER Magazine? TORI: I always wanted to do porn. Ever since I started having sex, I thought I could make a living at it. All the guys who’ve had me say I’m a natural. The only problem was I’m kinda shy outside the bedroom, and I had my doubts that it would ever happen. But, I flew to Los Angeles and looked up my cousin. She suggested that I look for work as an extra. I did that for a while, but it only paid about 50 bucks a day. I knew my time was worth more than that, and living in L.A. is expensive. Luckily, I met this grip on a mainstream film set, and he told me how much cash I could make in porn and that he would set it up. I jumped at the chance and that’s why I’m here at HUSTLER.

Hair Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 69

Weight: 141 lbs

Measurements: 34B-27-37 lbs

Videos: 3

Photosets: 0