Biography: Statistics: Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Bust: 35, Waist:25, Hips: 35, Height: 5'4”, Weight: 115 lbs Biography: Birthplace: Montreal, Canada Age: 23 Ambitions: To learn how to ask for a 69 in twenty more languages, because I plan on traveling to the ends of the Earth and back Best Place to Fuck: Anyplace far away from home. Favorite Position: Relaxed and on my back. Questions & Answers: HUSTLER: Which languages do you still plan on learning? Brandy: Tagalog, for one, because I hear the Philippines are very exotic. Of course while I’m over there I’ll have to visit Thailand, because it’s known for being wild, so I’ll have to learn to ask for what I want in Thai. HUSTLER: I’m pretty sure they speak English in Thai, at least in the sex clubs, since so many American tourists go there to get their freak on. Brandy: Well count me as a freaky American tourist then, because I intend to go wild in Thailand! I am dying to know how they do that ping-pong ball trick. Maybe some sweet little Thai slut will give me a few lessons, and if I’m lucky she’ll give me a lot more than that!  

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Released on 11/10/03