Daisy Marie

Daisy Marie


Biography: Statistics: Hair:Brunette, Eyes: Hazel, Height: 5'4'', Weight: 110 Biography: Birthplace: Salem, Oregon Age: 24 Birth Sign: Aquarius Hustler: Why did you get into porn? Daisy: I love cool clothes! It’s one of the reasons I got into porn. I wanted to have the coolest clothes, but they cost money, so I needed a job that paid well. The funny thing is I don’t get to wear them that much because I’m always naked! But, I didn’t become an adult actress just for the money. I don’t want anyone to think I’m that shallow. I also got into it for the sex! I’m a Latina, which means I’m naturally hot-blooded and need to fuck all that time. That’s why being a porn star is the perfect gig for me. I get laid, and I get paid! Hustler: So, what makes Daisy Marie sizzle? Daisy: I love guys with big cocks. Sorry, little fellas, but it’s true. Guys gotta have the proper equipment to get with me and have lots of stamina to keep up. Most important, they have to cool with me being me. I’m a porn actress. I fuck all day, and I don’t want a boyfriend who’s jealous of what I do when I’m at work, because once I come home, I’m all his. Hear that, guys?

Hair Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Latin

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 65

Weight: 106 lbs

Measurements: 32D-22-34 lbs

Videos: 7

Photosets: 1

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Daisy Marie
Released on 07/17/12