Biography: Birthday: August 6, 1982 Height: 5'6 Weight: 122 Favorite Pastimes: I devote all my time to pleasuring my man, Earl. Because I think he's worth it. After all, he gave me my first orgasm and showed me how to make myself cum, too. I love him. That's why I'm giving him my V on this special weekend. Best Feature: It must be my coochie, because I can't seem to keep my fingers out of it. Virginity Status: Now that I am on my pretend honeymoon I won't be a virgin for long! Favorite Position: Whenever I picture it in my head I imagine myself lying on my back with Earl's big, strong arms wrapped around me, so I guess missionary is my favorite. Even though I haven't tried it yet. Main Reason For Wanting To Be In Barely Legal: I wanted to show Earl that I'm a real grown-up woman now, so he can marry me for real now if he wants to. True Confession: I don't even feel bad that he's my mom's husband. Not even a tiny bit. Thoughts On Blowjobs:I have had lots and lots of lessons, so I am really good at blowjobs now. Earl says I'm the best, and that makes me proud. Swallow Much?: I think swallowing is how you show a man you really appreciate him. Dream Guy:  I am already with him. Momma might be stupid enough to not know a good thing when she sees it, but I'm not. Ultimate Goals: If I say I want to marry Earl would that make me my own stepmother?

Hair Color: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 65

Weight: 137 lbs

Measurements: 34F-28-37 lbs

Videos: 3

Photosets: 0

Eve's Videos

Released on 02/28/05
Released on 02/14/05